Galentine’s Day OOTD

Hi guys,

Some people find it extremely hard to be single on Valentine’s Day BUT I think Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love, any kind of love. If you don’t have a significant other why not grab your best girlfriends, champagne, some heels, and a red lipstick to take on the town.

I don’t know what it is but I am so drawn to rompers these days. They’re so easy to throw on and go but look like you tried- to me this is the perfect combination. The best part of this is the romper is it is under $35 dollars. This romper is classy with a side of sexy. I also love the cut outs because even though this is plain black you don’t need any jewelry because the romper has enough design within itself.

I know the saying goes, “give the girl the right pair of shoes and she can rule the world,” but I think it’s lipstick. Pairing this romper with my favorite lipstick left me feeling unstoppable.

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Cut Out V-Back Romper / Heels / Lipstick

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To The Girl I Called My Best Friend

Hi old friend,

    I don’t plan on boyfriends sticking around my whole life, I always say I don’t want to envision a future with someone who could just leave. Thats the thing though, what most don’t tell you is your biggest heartbreak could be a friend. It was you I planned the future with; although some people questioned our sexuality I do not mean it in a romantic way. There was never a day I didn’t picture you in my future. There was never a day I questioned a boy getting inbetween us. We were gonna stand by each other’s sides to support each other at our weddings, have kids that either fell in love or were best friends, and lastly we’d always have our Monday night Dancing With The Stars and Bachelor dates but that all changed. At the time neither one of us was strong enough to swallow our pride and say sorry but now too much time has passed to forgive and forget.

    I am not blaming you, I believe I share an equal amount of responsibility. I’m not even mad at you but I am thanking you. Thank you for making me stronger. You were the one by my side through my parents seperation and the one who was there when I got my first dose of heartbreak. You always told me it would be ok and I’d survive it. Well thanks to you I know I can survive our friendship ending. I can see you out without it affecting me. I can hear about your latest adventures and not have FOMO. I’ve just realized I can do this thing called life without you by my side. Let’s get one thing clear, that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you. Every time I eat mac and cheese I think of you. When I met my DWTS crush I wanted to text you every detail about it, I even told him all about you. Every single time I watch The Bachelor I wonder what your commentary would be. 

    I hope your boyfriend is the one, I hope you have a happy marriage, and beautiful babies. I will always hope your parents are doing well and I don’t think my dad will ever christmas shop without telling me how he saw your mom. I wish you an amazing future and I don’t for a second doubt that it will be anything short of perfect. That’s the thing about ex best friends you will forever know the great person they are and always wish them the best because you know they deserve it.

    I want you to know that just because we had a falling out doesn’t mean I hate you. I could never hate you (other than our dark days senior year.) it’s actually the opposite! I love you for everything we’ve been through together. I hope to continuously see you out around town with a smile on your face because I want you to be happy. Just know, the days you feel no one cares, know I will forever be wishing you the best.

Your Ex Best Friend

P.S. I hope my grammar and spelling are up to par since I know you’ll be reading this 😊

Love is in The Air OOTD

Hi guys,

    Valentine’s Day is just days away so it’s time to start primping and finding the cutest outfit for the day of love. Whether your single or taken, either way this look can be worn for your day.

It has been in the 50s the last few days and all my fellow New Englanders can agree that is pretty much summer weather for us. I have been LOVING rompers lately. I found this one which is the perfect pale pink for just under $30 dollars! Paired with nude pumps, self tanner, and a messy lob it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. I accessorized with a dainty gold necklace.

Shop my look: Layered Vneck Romper || Nude Pumps

You can get my exact necklace by signing up for Rocksbox (use the code christinabeexoxo for one month free!)

   What is your dream date? Are you going out for Valentine’s Day or are you waiting for the day after to buy all the half off candy? Thanks for reading guys!
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Sundaze OOTD

Hi guys,
     I don’t think there’s anyway better to refresh your body for the work week than a Sunday spent exploring. On Sunday, I took to the beach to drink some coffee and read the New York Times then took a walk down the bogs. Since I live in Massachusetts the 40 degree weather is a nice change for the winter. I have been loving it because my outfits have been focused more on fashion versus bundling up. Here is the outfit I wore to explore!

 Outfit Details: Cardigan | Jeans | Sweater | Boots |

     I hope you guys had a great weekend! I will talk to you on Wednesday! Thanks for reading.

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Get Ready With Me: Everyday Makeup

Morning guys!

   Have you ever gotten stuck in a makeup rut? I am currently in one! I have worn the same makeup every single day since Christmas. I wore it to the Dancing With The Stars Tour but also have worn it to work. What is this famous makeup I have been loving? Well, let’s get into it!

   The first thing I do is take my Real Techinques makeup sponge and wet it. Once it is damp and ready to go, I use my Cover Girl Foundation. I only use it on top of pimples or any redness I have. 

   Next, I used my Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Sticks in the colors Porcelain and Toffee to contour and highlight. I used my Real Techinques makeup sponge yet again to blend.


   Once my contour and highlight is done I use Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse in the color taupe to fill in my brows (by fill in I mean draw on since I have none.) I take my NYX Slim Eye Pencil in white and use it under my brow bone and in my eyes inner tear ducts to brighten. I use my finger to blend them out.

      To finish my look of I use Lancome’s Grandoise Mascara and curl my hair using my straightner.

    I hope you guys liked this look! Not only is it super easy but most of the makeup can be found at the drugstore for reasonable prices! Thanks for reading!
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Mad About Plaid OOTD

    The year of 2015 was good to me. I moved back to Massachusetts, which I had wanted since the day I moved to New Hampshire. My blog grew tremondously! I also started a new job. I don’t believe a new year starts a brand new me but I do love looking back to see what changed in a year. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me for the year 2016. Well, you came here for an outfit post and an outfit post is what you’ll get. I have been loving the above average New England weather this season so far. I have got to wear more based on winter fashion vs bundling up like a marshmallow. I am unsure if this outfit even actually matches but Pinterest told me so, so who am I to argue?


Outfit details: Pants | Top | Boots | Socks | Necklace | Vest |

     Thanks for reading guys! I will talk to you guys on Wednesday. 
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Christmas OOTD

Hi guys,

    First I want start off by saying, Thank you guys for all your support on my last post. I got an overwhelming amount of support on an extremely touchy subject. With that, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas (of those who celebrate). I did! I was completely spoiled! I am so thankful for all the things I got and even more thankful for the time I got to spend with Family and friends. I got a new camera so on Christmas Day we took a walk down to the bog to see what the bad boy could do. Here is my OOTD for Christmas Day.  


Outfit Details: Pants | Shirt | Purse | Vest | Shoes |

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A Letter to My Alcoholic Mother

Dear “Mom”,

     There was once a time I looked up to you, I imagine it’s because I didn’t know any better but I hope it’s because at one point you did care about your kids. Up until I was nine I thought you were the cool parent. Actually you were the parent I went to for everything because you constantly put my dad down in front of me which in turn made me scared of him. That all changed when you weren’t there and he was. I remember it clearly. I hurt my wrist so bad that I ended up in tears and ran home. You put some ice on it, told me it was fine, and sent me back out to play. Did you really think it was fine or was it because you had been drinking so much you realized you couldn’t drive me to the hospital? 

   That one night isn’t why I despise you though, it’s actually only the turning point. Parents are suppose to shield their child from hurt and all the horrible things in the world but instead you were the one to teach me that people can be cruel. You are SUCH a toxic person. I really don’t know if it’s the alcohol you drink, the person that you are, or a combination of both.

  You have a warped sense of reality. I have actually never met someone as delusional as you; it’s quite impressive, actually. You have the ability to make yourself the victim or the Saint in any situation. I have never had to worry about defending my character because honestly that’s the only thing you ever did teach me. You constantly dragged my name through the mud. I was constantly called spoiled, a bitch, and ungrateful by your friends. I actually felt sick going to your friends’ houses because I could only imagine the things you had said I had done. I still wonder if they ever realized I wasn’t a bad kid or if they still believe your dellusions. 

   It wasn’t okay when you drove home so drunk while my little brother and I were in the car that he cried on my shoulder that we were going to die or that your friend slapped me in the face for trying to get your cellphone for dad to come pick us up. You were the parent! You were suppose to know not to get behind the wheel! It wasn’t okay that time a boy YOU left in charge to babysit me while you went out to drink with a friend almost raped me. It defintely wasn’t okay that when I told you about it you took his side or that you invited him to every single one of my birthday parties after. 

    When I was tweleve you moved out and I cried my eyes out that first night you left not because I was worried about my future without you but because I worried about yours. I always knew I would be better off without you. I begged Dad constantly to make you leave. So why did I cry? It’s because I was constantly told you should love your family no matter what especially your mom. I realized while I had my whole life ahead and it would get better, what about yours? If you were that wild when you had a family to come home to, could it get worse when you were living the single life? Of course it could and it did.

     For years after you moved out I stood around as you berated me. I let you make me out to be a monster. I let you tell me how much more you loved your friend’s kids and even destroy my friendship with my best friend because you constantly told me how much better she was than me.

   Growing up I didn’t want kids. It was always in the back of my head that it was in my genes to be an awful mother. I realize I was so wrong about that. I don’t know if you know but I got a cat. Whenever a fire alarm goes off I refuse to leave my apartment until I get him out from under the bed. Even though he is one of the meanest cats I’ve ever met, I feel personally offended when people don’t like him. I will be a great mother because I learned everything not to do from you.

     I don’t know how after all you’ve put me through it’s a mystery to you why I finally cut you off. I had enough and I didn’t need your toxicity in my life. I don’t think you know how many times people say, “yeah but it’s still your mom…” BUT I’ve learned to let that go. So no, I do not want to sit down and talk. You do not deserve my forgiveness nor do I think you’ll ever change enough to be forgiven. I am an adult now. I’ve grown up! I don’t need you to raise me! I was raised by an amazing man without your help, if anything you only made things harder. You were continuously a problem in my childhood and I will not be stupid enough to let you be one in my future.

Thanks for reading guys! I know this maybe one of the most personable post I have ever and maybe ever will write but I need people to know its okay not to keep toxic people in your life. I actually try to hide the fact that I don’t talk to my mom because of the stigma that comes along with it. People who have only recieved love from their mothers tell me how awful I am. No, I’m not awful. I just realized I had way too much potential to ALWAYS be put down or made to be a monster. If you are in a situation with a toxic parent (or really any person) CUT THEM OUT. You can’t let your future be dictated by someone like that! It affects your self image and self worth! Yes, you’ll cry at first. You will question whether or not it was the right thing to do BUT you will survive it.

What I’ve Learned From Blogging Over The Last Two Years

Hi guys!

   My blog is almost two years old! I can’t believe it! Blogging has been such a big part of my life the last two years. I grew confidence and I did not let what others said about it stop me. This blog is my baby! I have learned responsibility and how to be self motivating due to it. Social media has become less about stalking others and more about business. Well blogging over the last two years I have learned a thing or two which I thought I’d share with all of you!

  •  Make Friends. Be friendly, reach out to other bloggers. Always respond to comments and share the like in return that others gave you. Having people you can count on to support your blog is great! You can also go to them with questions you have about blogging. Bloggers are now your community and MOST of them are beyond welcoming.
  • Events are fun! Go to them! Once you have built a following you will get invited to events quite frequently. They are fun and usually free alcohol is involved.. GO! Not only do you get to get your drink on but you get to meet other bloggers.
  • Make other social media platforms for your blog. ESPECIALLY AN INSTAGRAM. Half of the products I have been sent and most of the events I’ve been invited to have been through Instagram. Almost every single person scrolls through their Instagram feed atleast once a day, post a quick pic promoting your blog and you will gain lots of traffic.
  • Have a specific time and day that you post. If you post at the same time on the same day your readers will know when to come back to see your new post. (BTW, I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  at 7am-8am)
  • SEO and Link Building. Blogging is so much more than writing a great post and hitting “post”. I feel as though not many people realize that! You need to make sure new readers and old readers are able to find you. SEO is pretty much finding the right keywords. Link building is so important too! Guest posts help that!!! Speaking of guest posts, check out my guest post on one of my blogging friends page, Sonamnaiducreative.
  • Success isn’t an over night thing. Yes, there are those random posts or videos that go viral but in most cases that doesn’t happen. Over time you will build a loyal following and believe me it’s worth the wait! 
  •  Be you! Now when companies tempt you with sponsored posts it’s easy to lose yourself. DON’T DO IT! Your readers will see right through you and you WILL lose followers!
  • People will make fun of your blog. Whether it is someone you know or a complete stranger some people won’t like your blog but don’t stop. I have gotten amazing opportunities due to this blog and I’m SO glad I haven’t given up due to what people have said. 

      What have you guys learned from blogging? Thank you guys for following me as I’ve grown over the last two years. It means the world to me! 

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OOTD: More Sangria Please!

Hi guys,

    Well 2015 is almost over which means Pantone’s color of the year is changing (if you haven’t heard 2016 will have two colors of the year!) so before it changes I have been getting the most out of my 2015 Pantone’s color clothing. Are you finishing the year off with a bang?


Dress | Boots | Scarf |

    Isn’t this dress so cute?! I picked it up at when I bought my Seude skirt from My Seude Day post. Thanks for reading guys! I hope you have a great weekend and I will talk to you on Monday.

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* Oasap did send me the clothing but all opinions are my own.