A Sunday Spent By The Sea

Hi guys!

   We’ve all heard the line, “I like long, romantic walks on the beach..” I seriously do LOVE walks on the beach. As I have stated before I am from a beach town so as soon as the weather is warm EVERYONE is at the beach. In the morning everyone is laid out on their towels hoping to catch a tan but at night we are all looking to catch a falling star. On Sunday, the weather was the perfect temperature- breezy but warm- which called for a stroll along the beach.


I might as well change this blog to “How many ways can Christina style AE jeans?” I know I need an intervention but being short and slim it’s next to impossible finding pants that fit. Where do all you petite girls find your jeans? Help a sister out!!

It may have been way too early to be going barefoot (by that I mean, it was definitely too early) but I did it anyways. There is nothing in this world like sand between your toes and the wind blowing your hair around. While I wasn’t walking around barefoot I was wearing these super cute sandals. I love how the beads look like rhinestones aganist the white.

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shirt (similar) | jeans| sandals (similar) | sunglasses

One of my favorite accessories is a cardigan. I know, it’s not really an accessory but whether it’s hot or cold I leave one side falling off my shoulder and one side on my shoulder. It just gives me the perfect I don’t give a f**k look. This knitted cardigan paired perfectly with this flowy flowered tank top from Abercrombie.

My favorite part of this outfit are the super cute sunnies! I love how they’re rose gold with the mirrored effect. The best part about them? They’re on sale for 10 dollars! They’re a cheaper alternative to the popular quay sunglasses that have taken over the market.


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