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Hi guys!

Coachella is 11 days away! Festival season always has some of the best fashion in my opinion. I am all about that boho chic vibe and Coachella brings that to a whole new level! People actually are borderline crazy with their outfit choices but that’s where iconic fashion trends start. With Coachella days away my thoughts are somewhere with a beer in my hand, dancing the night away to Ellie Goulding in the warm weather while my body is here in cold Massachusetts. I put together this outfit for all of the folks like me that have to be at work and can’t be where their mind is at.


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Jeans | Top | Heels (similar) | Choker & Nose Ring |

     I did fess up to owning 7 pairs of the same pair of jeans in my last blog post, Fringe Finds OOTD, which should make it no surprise to you when I say these are the same exact pair. They’re so comfy for dancing the night away since they’re actually jeggings not jeans. Let’s be real, if we were actually at Coachella we would have beer bellies by the end of the day which makes the stretch of these jeans a necessity rather than a good option.

One of the hottest trends currently is off the shoulder tops and I am a HUGE fan. I must admit that I was not a fan of the collarbone craze that was swept across the nation a few years back but people can change, am I right ladies? This shirt not only is off the shoulder but has the perfect amount of ruffle.

Now, accessories are a big part of Coachella. People can turn anything into “that’s so coachella” with the right accessories. I am a 90’s kid so I know how to appreciate a good choker BUT the part that really made me music festival ready was this fake nose ring that came with the choker.

I zipped up my favorite pair of gladiator sandals that I got last year. They are high enough to add a little “umph” to my short legs and low enough that I don’t break my ankles roaming the campgrounds. I grabbed my circle shades and tricked my mind into thinking I was in a warmer place. It wasn’t perfect but it was darn near close!


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