Spring Fashion at The Cambridge Side Galleria

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I recently attended an event in Cambridge at The Cambridge Side Galleria to discuss spring fashion and eat lots of yummy food which was provided by PF Changs. My favorite part of blogging is networking, I mean I love to talk so to meet new people who have the same interest in blogging as me- jackpot! I’m always nervous though because I never know what to wear to these. It’s intimidating to decide on an Outfit of The Day when you’re going to be surrounded by others that love fashion. Do I dress up? Jeans and a tshirt? or worse… Something you have all seen me in on my blog! I decided on this look and I won’t lie, I have outfit repeated this since! I can feel the shade Kate Saunders is throwing at me.

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Rompin’ Around

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Damnnn Christina.. Back at it with the Rompers but is that even a surprise to you? I am obsessed! If you haven’t already check out my other two posts featuring some of my other favorite rompers (Galentine’s Day OOTD and Love is in The Air OOTD).

    I have been loving the color yellow lately; I feel like it pairs perfectly with my strawberry blonde hair if I’m truly being honest here. When I found this romper I swear I turned into the heart eye emoji- it was love at first sight.

Yellow Romper, Lace-up Romper, Forever 21 Romper, My Favorite Romper

 Rompers are so easy just to throw on and go but I do like to add a little something-something to them to add a bit of my own styling. My jean jacket has been a staple in not only my life but my blog posts these days. It is perfect to pair with a dress, rompers, or even leggings!

Alex and Anis, Eye of Horus Alex and Ani, Path of Life Alex and Ani, Arm Candy, How to Stack Bracelets

Lace up has been a huge trend this year. We have seen it everywhere so why would this romper be an exception?  The best part is you don’t need to really accessorize because the lace up is an accessory on its own. I chose to keep my jewelry simple with just a stack of my favorite Alex and Anis (unfortunately the beaded and ribbed bangle are no longer sold, they were limited edition).

Oh guys, by the way.. Happy May!

Yellow Romper, Forever 21 Romper, Favorite Romper, Jean Jacket, Spring Fashion 2016, Summer Fashion 2016

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The weather on Friday was absolutely beautiful- I’m talking about being able to blog without having to edit goosebumps out of my pictures kind of weather! I couldn’t waste perfect weather, It called for ice cream and a walk.

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This weekend was weekend two of Coachella although I participated in CoUchella instead, I still was feeling the boho vibes. If you have been reading my blogs you know I have been loving anything off the shoulder lately. This top is extremely seductive for the day by itself- but paired with a high waisted skirt it can work!

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I had been sent this skirt during the colder months from Oasap.com and I have absolutely adored it since. Button down skirts have been so trendy! I loved how the suede really helped me dress for my Coachella state of mind.

boho ootd, spring fashion 2016, ootd, boho ootd, suede skirt ootd, off the shoulder top ootd

Every girl knows the right accessories let you conquer the world and when they’re cheap- is there anything better? I got these aviators for just $18 dollars! With spring finally in the air, nothing can kill my vibe.

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The skirt was sent to me but all opinions are my own

Black and White

Hi Guys!

    After being sick all day Monday I had to get out of my house- I was lucky because Tuesday was beautiful out and I had the day off! My Best friends and I spent the day by the water which included delicious lobster bisque soup at Wood’s Seafood and yummy Pilgrim’s Punch from Vela Juice Bar. The weather was perfect with a slight breeze in the shade but nice and warm in the sun.


   It was the perfect day to break out the harem pants. Although these are so last year and Palazzo pants have taken over the market this year, this short girl isn’t giving up the tight ankles anytime soon.


   I bought this tank top last year at Abercrombie but saw it again when I recently went to the store. I must admit, I am so in love with it. It has become a staple in my wardrobe. It can be dressed up or dressed down, dressed warm or dressed cool. I believe you all need this- okay by need I mean want.. BUT who’s counting?


Moral of the story; nothing cures being sick better than laughter and food with your best friends.

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A Sunday Spent By The Sea

Hi guys!

   We’ve all heard the line, “I like long, romantic walks on the beach..” I seriously do LOVE walks on the beach. As I have stated before I am from a beach town so as soon as the weather is warm EVERYONE is at the beach. In the morning everyone is laid out on their towels hoping to catch a tan but at night we are all looking to catch a falling star. On Sunday, the weather was the perfect temperature- breezy but warm- which called for a stroll along the beach.


I might as well change this blog to “How many ways can Christina style AE jeans?” I know I need an intervention but being short and slim it’s next to impossible finding pants that fit. Where do all you petite girls find your jeans? Help a sister out!!

It may have been way too early to be going barefoot (by that I mean, it was definitely too early) but I did it anyways. There is nothing in this world like sand between your toes and the wind blowing your hair around. While I wasn’t walking around barefoot I was wearing these super cute sandals. I love how the beads look like rhinestones aganist the white.

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One of my favorite accessories is a cardigan. I know, it’s not really an accessory but whether it’s hot or cold I leave one side falling off my shoulder and one side on my shoulder. It just gives me the perfect I don’t give a f**k look. This knitted cardigan paired perfectly with this flowy flowered tank top from Abercrombie.

My favorite part of this outfit are the super cute sunnies! I love how they’re rose gold with the mirrored effect. The best part about them? They’re on sale for 10 dollars! They’re a cheaper alternative to the popular quay sunglasses that have taken over the market.


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Festival Fun OOTD

Hi guys!

Coachella is 11 days away! Festival season always has some of the best fashion in my opinion. I am all about that boho chic vibe and Coachella brings that to a whole new level! People actually are borderline crazy with their outfit choices but that’s where iconic fashion trends start. With Coachella days away my thoughts are somewhere with a beer in my hand, dancing the night away to Ellie Goulding in the warm weather while my body is here in cold Massachusetts. I put together this outfit for all of the folks like me that have to be at work and can’t be where their mind is at.


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     I did fess up to owning 7 pairs of the same pair of jeans in my last blog post, Fringe Finds OOTD, which should make it no surprise to you when I say these are the same exact pair. They’re so comfy for dancing the night away since they’re actually jeggings not jeans. Let’s be real, if we were actually at Coachella we would have beer bellies by the end of the day which makes the stretch of these jeans a necessity rather than a good option.

One of the hottest trends currently is off the shoulder tops and I am a HUGE fan. I must admit that I was not a fan of the collarbone craze that was swept across the nation a few years back but people can change, am I right ladies? This shirt not only is off the shoulder but has the perfect amount of ruffle.

Now, accessories are a big part of Coachella. People can turn anything into “that’s so coachella” with the right accessories. I am a 90’s kid so I know how to appreciate a good choker BUT the part that really made me music festival ready was this fake nose ring that came with the choker.

I zipped up my favorite pair of gladiator sandals that I got last year. They are high enough to add a little “umph” to my short legs and low enough that I don’t break my ankles roaming the campgrounds. I grabbed my circle shades and tricked my mind into thinking I was in a warmer place. It wasn’t perfect but it was darn near close!


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OOTD: Fringe Find

Hi guys!

   One of the popular trends lately is fringe and I can’t say I hate it. In fact, I’m obsessed! As the weather continues to warm up I have summer nights on my brain. I live in a beach town so summer is a synonym for tourists, sangria, and girls nights outs.

I must admit because it’s a beach town the dress code for bars is extremely casual. A cute top, jeans, flip flops, and maxi skirts are the norm. I paired this top with my favorite pair of ripped jeans. If I’m being honest, I own 7 pairs of these same jeans. They’re the only ones that fit this short girl!

This shirt is perfect for shimmying the night away with my girls BUT all my best friends are so tall! I actually hate taking pictures with them because I look like an Oompa Loompa compared to them which is exactly why I paired this top with these amazing lace up shoes from Charlotte Ruse.

When it came to accessories, I kept it simple. I just received this super cute dream necklace in my FabFitFun box this month.


As well as a beaded bracelet that I was sent from Wear Bracha. I love how simple this bracelet is and most of all it fits the whole boho chic vibe that I’ve been loving lately. This brand is my favorite because 10% of their proceeds go towards fighting human trafficking.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you all had a great Easter.

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SNOw Way It’s Spring OOTD

   Henna and Tapestries have been all the rage while scrolling thru tumblr, pinterest, and Instagram. I made the mistake of trying to do henna over a wine night with friends last summer and trust me; that was a big mistake but hey, at least we got a laugh out of it. Why am I talking about henna and tapestries? Well because this dress reminds me of a wearable form of the two. The pattern on the dress reminds me of the Mandela  patterns you would see hung on your wall or on your hand.


      Although today we are currently experiencing a nor’easter in Boston today, I’ve got warmer weather on my brain. In the summer, I love all things dresses. My two biggest rules I follow when it comes to fashion in the summer months are easy and breezy. This dress follows both. I look good with putting little to no effort in and I won’t find myself with sweat stains due to hot fabric. I got this amazing A-Line Dress that’ll brighten anyone’s day from Bailey Blue Clothing and the best part? It is only $44.


   I live in a beach town so with the water you can almost always count on a bit of wind, that’s why I always have a jean jacket with me. Jean jackets are one of my favorite things to pair with my summer dresses. Add some earrings and cork shoes- you are ready to take on the day.


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Springing Forward With a Shift Dress

Hi Guys!

    Warmer days are in sight! This Sunday was 60! I jumped on the chance to bring out my warmer clothes. That’s right, I said bye to my puffer coat and hello to my shift dress. I mean, yes, I’ll probably have to bring that coat back out at least a few more times but it was nice to put it away for a day.

     Easter is coming up and with the holiday comes the food babies we will all have after four course meals. Shift dresses are beyond comfy, easy to style, but the best part of them is they hide the food babies. I got this one from The Mint Julep Boutique.


     I love this dress because it mixes patterns, which I am so terrible at on my own. I can’t do it to save my life. Due to the bold patterns you don’t have to accessorize much but since it is flowy, I found it the perfect outfit to pair with my Kendra Scott Necklace that I got in my Rocksbox.


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Beautiful Arrangements Dress || Heels

You can get my exact necklace from Rocksbox – Use my code “Christinabeexoxo” for one free month.

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Hi guys,

    Spring is coming! One of my favorite spring day outfits is denim on denim. I know where your mind is going, you’re flashing back to Britney Spears and Justin  Timberlake’s famous American Music awards outfits BUT don’t! I’m here to tell you when done right denim on denim can look good, perhaps I’d even say chic.


I highly suggest when pairing jean together make sure to do different shades of denim. I paired my favorite pair of darker wash skinny jeans, which you can get at American Eagle, with a light chambray shirt from Old Navy. 


   An all Jean outfit is a statement all on it’s own so I kept the accessorizing to a minimum with a Marc Jacobs watch, some round cheap sunnies from Charlotte ruse, and a midi ring from my RocksBox. 


In order to make this casual outfit a bit more date appropriate I paired it with some nude heels. What do you think-yay or nay to the Canadian tuxedo?

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